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it looks reaaaally stupid. they are only hurting themselves. the problem is too many mac users just accept what they are given. the few times that the mac community has actually "spoken up" about a stupid/move decision, Apple has actually listened. I have no problem paying for "pro features". I have been a QT pro buyer before. But when they started taking that away with each upgrade and started limiting basic playback I stopped paying. I refuse to pay 30 dollars so...
I smell an apologist.
um...last time i checked you didn't need to be a pro to want to open a new qt player window or to fucking save a movie or god forbid watch something full screen. 30 dollars is a big price to pay on top of 129 for BASIC functionality.
you need to learn to follow your own advice
please share what you consider to be good music..... because as of now you are making it very apparent that you have horrible taste and judgment. But what else is new with you.
current hard drives used in iPods don't come close to saturating firewire 400. Firewire 800 would be an expensive waste.
thanks....i think
I believe they just did that yesterday....correct? And what would Firewire 800 support give you? What advantage?
UHG. steve jobs does not hate tv. the comment about turning your brain off when you go to watch tv is not saying tv is fucking stupid and a waste of time, it's saying they have different usage and interaction with the user than a computer. Jobs makes his living right now off of the entertainment industry....movies and music. I really think the last thing he'd do is be a dipshit and say I hate tv, fuck it.
no FUD....please stop saying that too, it's the fucking stupidest internet dork word on earth. The first revision to the Apple iPod Mini site said USB 2 only and made no mention of firewire compatibility or option. It was quickly updated to include optional firewire connectivity.
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