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It's not that low and the original estimates were based on MUCH lower volume of music sales. The volume Apple is selling now and is on pace to sell is astonishing and is making the Music Store a money maker in itself.
its better to be slightly below demand than it is to exceed demand. right now, your brother means nothing to apple's bottomline and ipod's success. perhaps its a cocky view, but when you have 90% of the market you can be cocky, look at Microsoft all these years.
if apple is selling as many as they can make it is not hurting them. they are just missing oppurtunity. as it is, i think its extremely rare to walk into a store and plan to buy something that costs several hundred dollars and instead purchase something you didnt want because they didnt have it.
how good we've had it? Why can't we still have it good. Apple used to pride itself in providing standard what the competition offered optional or not at all. Sure, we've always paid a bit more, but in doing so we always paid more for a well-rounded, fully equipped/featured product. I'm not too upset about the iPods dropping of accessories and the firewire cable, I just find it unfortunate and hope it doesn't continue to be a pattern. Apple even seems to miss the...
it doesn't seem like they are losing many sales at all. and if so, it's no where near enough to hurt them. As it is, I've been very impressed by Apple's ability to produce enough iPods.
How could you not? sometimes I wonder about you man
private use? no public use/works projects? yes Otherwise we would not have an interstate system and countless other public works projects/facilities.
i find the headphones that come with the iPod to be of a very good quality for standard headphones. Also, your 50 dollar discman comparison is extremely questionable as the Apple headphones are just rebadged sony headphones that are likely of equal or greater quality than the one's sony includes with cheap discmen.
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Carniphage no, for schools its almost as cheap as the mac mini and it comes with a monitor. i kid you not. the eMac in educational bulk quantities is $599 Unfortunately it locks you in with the bulky screen and is a very large unit. Personally, I think Apple would have had more success selling an updated 15 inch iMac G4 for even cheaper. Design goes a long way and the original iMac's design is far superior to the eMacs just in appeal. As it...
go piss off people elsewhere, or tell someone not to post photos of their computer or something.
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