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who gives a shit.
I'm sorry but that argument is complete and utter bullshit. Millions of LCDs are used in schools nationwide everyday. Smaller computers are used everywhere. The bulk of an eMac means nothing. Every piece of electronics in schools is locked down. This makes no design easier than another to steal. There are custom lock designs for all mac models...even LCD screens and now Mac minis. There are cable locks so that cables can't be stolen.
you reaaaaallly need to stop participating in threads such as this one. you just make yourself and apple users in general look like dicks. im not saying it to be a prick but its true. you use the same unintelligent arguments for every thread like this one and belittle the original poster, toss aside his/her arguments as dumb or not important, and only serve to boost your own undeserved ego.
yea. i got mine in 3 days from Best Buy online. (time to ship basically)
target, circuit city, best buy..... chances are one of the 3 by you will have one in stock.
to me it looks like they considered front USB and Firewire ports but decided against it. iPod dock idea is retarded
of course 128K/sec AAC is shit if you are worried about it sounding good. Even on my car stereo it sounds like crap and its just a stock Infinity sound system for a dodge dakota.
1 million people = 1 finger interesting (and scary) logic
wow, that's something to bank on
we can do that without them launching a nuke?
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