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he's being sarcastic I really don't see the logic in people's fears. Apparently no one can have defense systems and military except for Americans anymore.
I got an awesome surprise in the mail today. 1GB iPod Shuffle Parents sent it to me for my birthday. They ordered online at Best Buy Jan 30th and received it February 2nd!! Who would have thought.
Adobe still makes Premier?
1. No, not by a coach. Fortunately my coach was ancient and nearly senile. I do know of other coaches at the HS level and in that age group promoting various illegal suplements. Not by a player either but I certainly could have asked a fellow player and I'm sure they would have offered. also, having only played HS and regional 18+ ball I haven't been as exposed to the problem as people who play at a collegiate or higher level have 2. No, have never taken any. Can't...
I'd like to see the 5G iPod take the form of a larger iPod Mini. The wraparound aluminum case in colors. It seems to me to be a better, more durable and attractive design than the plastic and finger print and scratch ridden steel back. I'd also like to see it slightly smaller but most importantly I'd like to see vastly improved battery life. Color screens as standard would also be quite nice however I still find them more of a gimmick than an actual necessity or UI...
Napster has a pay download service like Apple and they have a subscription service. The subscription service gives you unlimited downloads for a set price. Now for a couple bucks more a month you can transfer those downloads to your portable music player. If you ever want to burn those songs however it costs 79 (or maybe 99 don't know) cents to do so for each track.
what reason is there to not believe him? He's a big enough dick to reveal all this information in my opinion. And it's kind of tough to openly attack the biggest names in the sport if you're just going to make the stuff up. The question is no longer if steroids are used in baseball, it's how widely used they are. I'm afraid the answer is going to be very sad if its ever found out.
anyone remember the good old days when Cyberian Outpost had free Airborne Express OVERNIGHT shipping to anywhere and on any product. I would order an ink cartridge at 11:58PM and have it the next morning by 10am for just the price of the ink cartridge....18.99.... they didn't even charge tax. It was incredible. I ordered every piece of electronics i could from them....and then they started charging....and charging more and more. ah well.
In Boys and Girls, Freddie Prienze Jr (whatever his name is) drives over the Golden Gate Bridge to berkeley from SF. One would drive over the Bay bridge to do that unless they wanted a 90 min detour
swoops down is being kind. i think he came on a bit too strong and apologist in this case. sometimes its bit overbearing to simply dismiss everything and create arguments that were not neccessary to create. The voices in OS X, despite their recent improvements are still not much better than where we were over a decade ago. You can make up excuses, say Windows doesn't have it nearly as good, but the fact remains that little improvement has been seen in this area and...
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