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one must think that they can produce several thousand a day. yet it's been nearly a month now and report of people getting them are few and far between. something sounds wrong. if they have been making several thousand a day for almost a month there should be many many more people with iPod shuffles in hand. and that's assuming they didn't produce any before the announcement. (which is incorrect since they did)
plug in a firewire drive and you have a system that is has very good disk performance and who's storage is portable. very attractive. the mini is a pretty sweet little deal for a lot of people. i wish apple had made some different decisions (2 ram slots, 3.5 inch HD) but what are you going to do.
i've contributed something that was much needed. you contribute nothing but senseless dribble.
Apparently I won an Epson Photo R800 at MWSF. I just got a voicemail saying they needed information from me. Pretty cool, I never win anything. Anyone have comments on this printer? I just looked it up and its MSRP is 400 bucks! didn't expect to get something so valuable. it also has Firewire which is cool. How well does connecting a printer via Firewire work? Are all the features supported?
Apple is a digital media company as Steve Jobs said last month.
I saw it in action at MWSF. It is AMAZING. it works just as described. it's like a miracle or something the engineer who designed it was showing it off and said the one on the showfloor was the only working prototype. said it will sell for around 20 dollars. I told him that was too little and he said he knew but the marketing dept wouldn't have it another way. It really is a wonderful invention and I can't wait to buy a bunch of them.
apple stores can check the bar code for sales history
honestly. i question whether that is a better deal than the Mac mini. Mac mini will likely perform a bit better in many areas, has new graphics, smaller footprint, USB2, and a stronger software selection. buttttttt.... duals are always fun. and its a great system none the less. have fun, im jealous
well, i would think it would be more environmentally friendly since you would require less charges for more usage. batteries only last a certain amount of charge cycles. if it were 90 mins more per charge, over a 1000 charge cycles that adds up.
that is not true. apple has no sort of return program like Dell and others have for old computers/electronics. Also, I'm not an electrical engineer but the Powerbook wouldn't be using 20W more power, the battery would have that much in excess per hour. Correct?
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