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THT commented on it but it was a question I had from the start.... why is Apple only using a 50-watt an hour battery? Why not use a 70+watt battery like OWC sells for Powerbooks? Retail both are similar in price. I'm sure the 50 is cheaper by a good bit but with the 70 I'm sure they could claim extraordinary battery life figures.
do you mean profit?
orrrrrr....they read the article and felt they could comment on it because they felt strongly about it and registered to do so. there is a front page to this website ya know. Crappy Apple resellers deserve to be forced out of business. Good resellers are doing better now than they were 5 years ago. TekServe is certainly not having any problem. JandR despite being within a few blocks of the Apple SOHO store is always packed and is doing good business.
I honestly haven't heard of a store doing that in YEARS.
give me a break. walk down telegraph ave here in berkeley and see some of the immature shit people stick on bumper stickers or shirts. liberals can be just as bad or in my experience much worse.
oh, dear God, shut up already
stop trying to be some sort of voice of reason because you are very far from that. everything you argue is ridiculous. go buy your iBook for 999 and run powerpoint, send emails, and run iMovie without buying a replacement. For the other, professionals, who are buying a $2000 and higher laptop they deserve better bang for the buck and more competitive hardware for the performance intensive work that they do. There is a point of being ridiculously harsh and whiney and there...
thanks! that shows it perfectly. the 2nd photo. that will be the location, I've heard rumors of it myself. Expect it to be pretty amazing.
for the most part they do to me as well. but i listen on my computer, in the car and on my iPod(s). the minute I listen to them on a good stereo i hear what they lack. and sometimes even on an iPod it cant be heard.
get some class
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