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I already see them all over campus here at Cal. This place has thousands of iPods everywhere
the problem is best buy has wannabe geeks as employees. true geeks go to good schools and do something with their geekdom. best buy geeks pretend to know more than they do and that means laughing at macs and not recommending them. they know next to nothing about what they are talking about but when a customer asks about a mac all of a sudden they become experts on how the mac sucks. there probably isn't much difference in commissions, or anything, yet they go out of...
if you are going to ship a machine with an inadequate amount of ram for its intended usage then you better at least provide an easy way to upgrade it.....meaning 2 accessible slots. miniature computers are neat, but adding a RAM slot would not make it massive, just like adding a 3.5 inch hard drive would make it cheaper and only slightly larger but with much greater HD capacities. Stupid neutering decisions on Apple's part.
probably was split into 2 partitions since to use it for storage as a thumb drive it requires that.
that's an understatement. the genius bar at soho has become useless due to the 6 hour wait EVERYDAY from the moment the store opens. kind of defeats the purpose of walk-up free tech support.
I seriously think his original post was a chain email I received several years ago. weird.
no it's ignorant of him to ignore all the other benefits and improvements in Tiger. He seems very much of an "on the outside kind of guy". It'll be his loss when he realized much of the software he wants to use relies on the new and improved frameworks in Tiger. Don't be ignorant and obnoxious when accusing someone of the same.
After doing some light research I've discovered that there is currently no lease on the lower level retail space in the GM building that faces 5th Ave. This space is below ground level CBS moved into the other retail space located on the north wing of the building (FAO has the south wing). So, it looks like Apple would be aiming for this below ground level space. Renovations to the sunken plaza in front of the building expanded this vacant space by 10,000 feet. The...
are you kidding me?
I read every part of your disgusting post. You simply tried to save yourself by sayin things like that and hiding behind your claim of not wanting the media belittling their losses I refuse to argue in a thread about the deaths of firemen. if that is what you want you wont get it from me. Again, grow up, and find better things to get upset about.
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