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it will never go through. it requires too much of a majority. what is it, 2/3? maybe even more to repeal an amendment. I can't remember. It's too much of a tradition thing now, and as much as it could help both sides at times, it could very well hurt them worse, especially the dems right now who have so little hope left as it is. the last thing they would want is a chance for bush to continue for 4, 8, 12... more years.
unfortunately, as johnq shows, 3 deaths to many people seems like nothing, not a tragic lost, not a big hit, not much of a news story. that's what's really sad. maybe it is senationalism, but unfortunately, that's what it takes to get notice from most people these days. if the headline read 3 die in NY blaze, I doubt he would have ever clicked and would not have even cared about the men who died when they were forced to jump from a 4th story window after the wind...
ok. i can see how i could misinterpet your original post and read it 2 different ways sorry about that.
I hate black people.
you're tired of hearing them say that? what would you like them to say? their son/daughter just died. many people do believe that. who are you to say they are wrong. who are you to say they shouldn't think their son/daughter died for something they believed in? it may be sad if you think this war is for the wrong reasons, but not everyone believes so. and im sure beneath their tears, many would wish their son/daughter had not gone to war and wonder if it is indeed...
grow up. it was one of the deadliest days in department history. there is no problem saying that. the fact that it is ONLY 3 guys does not take anything away from that. if anything it makes one realize just how massive a loss 9/11 was to the NYFD. You have no respect for anyone. Stop bitching about the media and wasting your life away. Two of the dead were from my high school. One of them lost his brother in 9/11 and now both brothers are gone. It's a headline, and...
haha, I kept rereading your post and was like..."well, he sounds like he knows what he's saying...maybe I'm misreading what he's saying" easy mistake. I'm still confused about what space they will occupy in the GM building.
I don't see how Rockefeller Center would need to be cut across as it is south and west of the GM building by several blocks.FAO Schwartz just reopened the NYC as one of its 2 flagship stores and has no plans for closing as of this time. The store was completely remodeled and is under new ownership. Apple was rumored to be interested in the GM building for several years now. I don't know what space they would occupy though. Especially a space so large and with a decent...
seriously, that's very ignorant of you. but it'll be your loss.
o god. find something else to be worried about. frickin europeans
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