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Samesung must have maxed out all licenses, memberships, donations, etc. to J.D. Power and Apple probably doesn't give them a cent. Same goes for Consumer Reports.
I have to believe that the iPad is the dominant tablet in Japan, especially now with the iPad mini that was just released. A survey of electronics stores in the US would probably show every brand outselling Apple brands, because how many people go to electronic stores to purchase apple products bigger than an iPod?
And that's what it should be. I purchased MobileMe, I paid for the yearly renewal a month before iCloud was announced. Apple gave me additional storage space to make up for it, and it should stay that way.
There are rumors circulating about the Apple 2. It's going to be dramatically different, so I wouldn't purchase that Apple 1 just yet. Let's just say that I've heard from garages around town that it's going to be encased in a wooden box, with the cassette drive built in.
Um, there's something called an App store, filled with useful apps. Darkroom: Free Makes the iPhone camera shots better.
Any chance for an iPhone Moon Boot? That would be so fly.
I run dual screens. Thinking about a third one for my elbow.
The spy photo has no bottom -- that's where a taper would be. The top is only thick enough for the largest port.
That apple TV needs to uprez standard def content into stunning HD. Even cheap DVD players do this well.
Search is my number one most important item. I have numerous contacts with additional notes of information, 7 years of iCal events, bookmarks, emails...
New Posts  All Forums: