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""We believe the Apple story has improved and can now benefit from multiple engines of growth" 'Nuff said.
Meh, the whole thing smacks of the Apple executives spending all their time using Mail, and thereby want to place all of these unrelated features in there. I mean, they obviously don't use iCal. Up next, Address Book is now a folder in Mail. Followed by a new mail folder filled with forms for ordering lunch. Followed by Mail Widgets. Next up, stock quotes embedded in every incoming email, kinda like a real time ticker if the emails are coming fast enough.
I gotta say, just the other day my battery went from 30% to shutdown, without any sleep, recently calibrated. Apple already tried to address this issue in the past, which they did, though apparently not successfully. The funny thing is, I wondered if how many months of waiting for an update for this minor issue, and here it is a few days later.
Ratings would double.
If I'm not mistaken, Apple execs have been selling shares and jumping ship for the past few years. I guess it's time to pay off some mortgages.
FWIW, I got one on the first day, then learned that the device wouldn't work at all until activation. A few days later, it was activated. So +1 on a sale w/out activation on opening weekend.
Without a contract, could Apple keep a greater share of the profits? Could Apple reduce the price of the songs? Apple needs to make a greater incentive for companies to sign year contracts with them, so Universal should be penalized or payment to them be reduced until they sign again.
If ATT and Apple are really interested in a riot of device sales, that "iPlan" will be for voice and data combined. I mean, we're only talking about EDGE speeds, and Sprint offers that up almost free.
Poor bets placed?
Um, how will it work in Asia if there is no CDMA version? So, there will be a CDMA version. I think the headline here is ATT gets 5 year exclusive deal in the US, which was already suspected.
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