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As an aside, the increase of the Mac OS in that final sentence is a 21% increase of marketshare. It's confusing to say .75 percentage gain.
Great, so when does the iTunes Ringtone store open up for mobile downloads?
Wow, some serious mac os misinformation in this thread -- Gene Clean I blame you. The mac OS and GUI is not based on the Xerox approach -- it was an original creation. MS Windows 95 - XP is modeled on the mac OS. "For more than a decade now, I've listened to the debate about where the Macintosh user interface came from. Most people assume it came directly from Xerox, after Steve Jobs went to visit Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center). This "fact" is reported over...
Pros aren't keeping up with the intel news? Oh yeah? Wait until Apple announces the new ProMacs in August. They will blow the G5's out of the water, and most pros will hear about it. Ooops, no creative suite for you all until mid 2007, unless you want slow-as-molasses performance. Thanks, Adobe, for putting the mac platform on the backburner for all these years. Now we'll have to wait while you work on the "quality" of it all. Funny thing is, it still won't...
WTF is up with Adobe proclaiming "What Took You So Long" when Apple announced the move to Intel, and two years later Adobe will not have a Universal Binary ready for Intel machines??? Didn't Apple warn Adobe almost 4 years ago to get started moving over to X Code? The few code mac code geniuses left Adobe long ago, and they are unable to find quality replacements after all this time? It's a multi billion dollar company! Adobe tried to get the creative industry to...
hehehahayukyukyuk This picture always gives me a laugh whenever I read the "Clippy" dialog on the screen. I think I emailed it to someone, like, two years ago.
To answer this meditation: no.
Referring to it as MBP will alleviate some typing strain.
Probably the most illegible post by Michael Matas.
As goes January, so goes teh rest of the year. And I agree with Chucker -- TROLL!!
New Posts  All Forums: