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The plural of virus is viruses. "I went to the showers and I saw a bunch of penii ???"
The camera is not a concern, seeing as though Apple is the most secretive, lawsuit, and NDA centric of any public company involving their own employees. BTO -- No camera. (Add $300) This would be used by the corporate customers, that are accustomed of paying more for a custom phone without camera.
Yeah, I've never read one item of Apple software sales until now, and it's a future goldmine. Apple is creating so many compelling software titles that their revenue from these products could outshine Adobe and even MS if their marketshare continues to grow. And after the ongoing R&D costs are factored in during development, it's all profit from software titles going forward with little overhead.
Well, it looks settled then. The next finder will look and perform like Aperture!
Sheesh, these people made out like bandits. Now that Stock options are included in the accounting costs for the company, companies are greatly reducing this type of compensation. And that's a good thing. These people are well compensated for what they do, but does Peter Oppenheimer really deserve $42 million on top of his salary for his efforts for Apple computer? Again, this type of activity is falling away. Which is good, as people jump onboard to reap some...
Meh, My vote goes that it's bad form to bump up such an old thread, as the reader may not realize it and the information could be out of date. Better to start again and link to the old one.
Well, I say no to full screen display. It makes sense for any pro apps, which demand all the real estate possible. But I have a 24" display that would be ridiculous if Leopard opened everything up that way. It's so MS Windows, anyhow. I say no to "Piles" also, as things are going more Spotlight oriented in Tiger and Vista as well. It would be strange to spotlight a document, "show in finder" and try to yank it out of the "Pile". Smart folder finder would be...
and cataracts.
worst. attempt. at. a. new. topic. evar.
That thing is freakin' HUGE! Heh, imagine that with a 12" powerbook...
New Posts  All Forums: