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Wait, is that 10.4.1 again? I'm confuuuuuzed. Oh wait, I'm not.
An excellent, good ole fashioned Appleinsider article trying to bring some visibility to the murky waters of potential Apple products.
Heheheh... Color Grading in the House. I dig the lounge thing. Whoever pushed that through should be commended. Same with that server setup.
Question: How does this codec compare to uncompressed footage? Is it truly "lossless"?
Totally agree, palex9. They are in for a surprise if they think that very many people will shell out for an overpriced data and voice plan. The slow EDGE data plan for a two year contract better be reasonable and/or subsidized.
Yeah, add me to the list that these guys are guessing wrong, and that the Leopard top secret features are already nearly finished. But this is the summer of the iPhone. Either rush out Leopard soon with some serious core/ quicktime issues, or hold off for Fall. Because nothing shall compete with the iPhone. Not to mention, the back-to-school buying season is big enough to not require a new OS to spur sales. But the October quarter, on the other hand, has suffered...
Good lord, people, can we get back to the topic at hand? The key thing here is that leopard will have system-wide grammar correction to improve Photoshop topic posting performance.
Yes, flash RAID is fine. I believe the first shuffle or nano had a couple of 2 gig flash chips in there -- or some size like that.
Forget about the waiting game. Those new intel mobile chips may be theoretically available as soon as July, so Apple may hold off until then with any portable updates. Whenever you pull the trigger, and I would recommend not waiting, you'll be thrilled. This Core2Duo MBP is outstanding -- I'm certainly not regretting anything about it, with the exception that the aluminum is less durable than the MacBook plastic. I personally purchase Applecare just before the year...
Yeah, it sounds like free a free data plan. I imagine by June that the EDGE data system would cost $15 per month for unlimited data. Giving that away free for 18 months would be a $270 savings for iPhone users, which is what a subsidized phone would cost AT&T. Sprint offers free GRPS data plans for it's business users, so this would not be too much of a stretch for AT&T to offer to the few million US iPhone users.
New Posts  All Forums: