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Huh? The advertising for XP topped $1 billion. The problem for Microsoft is that they profit greatly from users purchasing upgrades, not through box makers. In fact, MS may at some point reap more OS revenue from mac owners than from Dell. Their financials should reflect this profit upturn, even if they wont bring attention to it.
Nope. Apple CPU sales always drop during the holidays, as the back to school and education purchases peak in the previous quarter. It's not like people buy computers as holiday gifts. So given the same seasonal issues, this year not only showed continued strength, but it happened in the face of stagnant industry sales. Falling down to 5th doesn't mean squat, either. The big elephant, DELL, is downsizing and the others are slightly benefiting -- enough in this case to...
Actual mac sales were lower than this number. How does this compare to previous Gartner announcements?
The iPhone may not be announced, it may be simply an iPod that can place a call, or it could be the greatest of the iPhone speculation: The Apple phone will be a mobile dashboard widget machine. So download your favorite email, phone, messaging, web, ichat, text edit, address book, calendar, game, music widgets and simply install them. Touch screen for input. Keyboard for text. Again, this was best iphone rumor of last year, and something certainly outside the box.
This could get very ugly for Apple fundamentals if the P/E ratio is suddenly increased after the adjustment. The market has been pricing AAPL at a certain future performance, and this will change if the profits are significantly reduced. There's been a long delay for some reason -- they certainly have enough accounting firms working on it. Dell announced an inquiry, and quickly made the adjustment that had little impact. Still waiting on Apple.
Straight outta the box, the ddddddddd key kept typing even when not touched, no matter what adjustments I attempted. The apple store simply put on a new one, and now everything is perfect! Great machine -- I'm glad that I held out for the Core 2 version. I suspect that if Apple is having some quality issues, the other vendors are going to get it worse. There's just so much demand right now for all the manufacturers.
Context menu for a quick view? Alert dialog box for time machine every time you connect a drive? Sounds like Microsoft engineers are at work here. How about doing a long click for quick view? Call it ClickViewâ„¢.
Yeah, whatever. Anyone long Apple the last few years is a genius, anyone long Apple in the 90's was a fool. The market is efficient, all known public information is already priced in. Tomorrow they could announce a massive restating of profits and the price could tumble. Jobs could step down to begin charity work for garage bands across the european baltic countries. I think the marketshare gains will only snowball into great revenues next year, and my money is...
What's a "chorines"? Anyhow, it really, really, really, really needs the smartphone capabilities. Mobile OS X, mobile mail, mobile iCal, mobile Safari, mobile spotlight...
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