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Your final answer? Here's a lifeline: http://xtreview.com/review139.htm 3% performance increase for the shipping x1700 model. Enjoy! ps: I highly recommend this latest version of OmniWeb. Very snappy™!
frankie, where is the x1700 link that proves your point? I've seen evidence that the x1700 / x1600 performance is almost identical, but with less heat output. thx.
And the number one reason that Apple is handing out free shuffles to all employees: 1. All work and no play makes the Apple Genius a dull boy!
2. More environmentally green than simply burying the returned models.
3. Halo effect could impress the 50% of employees that use PC's.
5. Shuffles are engineered as great roach clips for the iLife 07 brainstorm sessions.
8. Including a screen would only confuse them.
9. Indoctrinate workers with Phil Schiller and Tim Cook podcasts.
Top 10 reasons that Apple is handing out free iPod shuffles to all employees: 10. They'll recoup the costs thru AppleCare sales.
More brain. Less brawn is the quote you're looking for.
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