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Looking for higher resolution screen. This will work well with Leopard.
Yes, the waiting is the hardest part. Apparently, ole Rageous has a problem with people posting here about "Future Hardware". There much more activity on this topic elsewhere, without whining mods trying to shut things down. Here's a busy 80 page thread, based on the original AppleInsider story: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=235341
Any divot / dent / ding in the aluminum MBP enclosure voids Applecare. WTF??
You gotta wonder if Apple also dodged a bullet in their excessive desire to plug leaks and determine leak sources over the past many years. HP officials were charged with felonies for this very issue just yesterday. Hopefully Nancy Heinen gave more salient information regarding these issues to Apple.
The studios better play their cards right. There's very high prestige value for making content available on iTunes -- anyone notice which shows did surprisingly well at the Emmy Awards? Even that "High School Musical" which was the first available movie download was nominated. Not to mention "The Office" which had small TV ratings but topped the iTunes lists.
It's somewhat amazing to realize that it will soon be possible for any video podcast to reach living rooms around the world with no barrier to entry. The rest is talent and audience choice, which will keep most of it in total obscurity.
Thinksecret in July reported that Apple is all ready with a new MBP enclosure design when it gets the Merom Core 2 Duo processor "in the fall". Let's see it!
I'm thinking they ran out of time when the intel chips starting shipping ahead of schedule, and this this update finally addresses the issues that could benefit from a new approach. Besides, there are so many announcements down the pipeline that a new enclosure of the MBP is not that big of a deal. Leopard, iTV, Video iPod, Mobile OSX are more noteworthy. The big announcement was the first Intel laptops. How about a black enclosure, or one that is more durable and...
It's called "Future Hardware" and it involves Apple. This equals ridiculous expectations.
DIgital D -- You keep asking the question, "Why would apple do another upgrade in two months," and I keep wondering what the F you are referring to? 1H2007 ends 8 months from now -- intel is now just rolling out the merom chips. What moron company would skip a popular line of processors and wait up to half a year longer, when competing companies are going to run with it? BTW, the current MBP design is almost 7 years old -- time for a refresh. Apple rushed to get the...
New Posts  All Forums: