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Question: What do people use to re-stick the iSight cameras when making a monitor swap? What is that funky glue material?
An immediate search found this:http://www.notebookcheck.net/Newsent...2828eaf.0.htmlUpon further review, it appears the 1700 and 1600 perform the same, but the newer chips run cooler.
I would hope so. Some PC manufacturers are already offering the ATI Mobility x1700 with their Merom laptops.
I agree that eSATA is a more robust solution for fast RAID drives, and there is an express card for that purpose. But Firewire 800 can power the drives without having to plug the drives into AC power. For many situations this is preferred, and drive enclosures now exist with both Firewire 800 and eSATA options. The fact that the MBP doesn't have an 800 port is .... odd.
The macbook pros certainly require a firewire 800 update, since this is a pro device and disk speeds do matter for FCP editing, photography scratch drives, etc. I thought that some reports had the MBP also getting a design refresh. After so many years with the existing look, and since every other model has been revised for Intel, you'd think there would be something happening. Finally, the MacBooks are seriously backordered, so nothing soon on that front, and by...
It looks like a crime scene.
Wither Mobile OS X? Mobile spotlight, mobile Safari, mobile iCal, mobile Mail, mobile iChat? This would be a real smartphone, if only Apple could figure out the text entry. Is the keyboard the only way?
At this point, Vista is simply Windows XP SP3, now with Aero™. And this is it for the next 4 years? Leopard is really moving into 3d computing, with Spaces, Time Machine, Dashboard, and Expose. And those are just the names.
Apple prices will go down, when they are ready for some real marketshare gains. The currently Intel transition is still extremely bumpy, from constrained macbook supply, to first generation Mac pro product design flaws. Not to mention software delays due to the move to intel. Even pro applications such as Final Cut Pro missed the entire revision cycle due to the herculean move to Universal Binary. Once things simmer down, Apple could literally pull the lever and spur...
Isn't this exactly what the boneheads said last quarter? They were wrong.
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