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m01ety, I like your thinking.If they do those simple suggestions, I purchase my first ProBook since the Lombard.There's no reason they need to futz around by holding features back. All the consumer products are dual core, so let's get the features rolling on the pro models.
What, nursery school? Is there an ignore feature for posts by Celemoron? Oh, cool. There is, under the "User CP" at the top. It reads, "This message is hidden because Celemoron is on your ignore list."
This is already an ancient concept. LINK
Wither Mac OS X Mobile? If Nokia can have great success with their implementation of WebKit for their smartphone browser, I imagine that Apple could do far better. The only issue is text entry. Without a dedicated keyboard, is there any better solution that is low on the frustration scale? I can't really envision it, which would be a great innovation if Apple can.
Worst. First. Post. As. A. New. Forum. Topic. Evar.
Well Mr. Me, you are a chorus of one one this issue, even if you repeat it a hundred times. I mean, what's not to ship? There's not much left to the original vision -- it should be called Windows XP Service Pack 3, now with Aero™. Of course it will ship -- in it's greatly reduced form.
meh, my vote is fake. Those are photoshopped images.
Chucker, I appreciate the above quote, and I do apologize for the ad hominem personal attack.
Upchucker, The gap was not 14 months. The gap was one day. The day before the Intel Mini was announced, Apple charged $100 for wifi and bluetooth. One day later, they said they were including it, an intel processor, front row with remote, Gigabit ethernet upgrade, updated RAM motherboard, more USB ports, digital audio, faster and larger HD, and improved RAM -- all for the that same amount. If you're trying to argue something completely different, that Apple...
Yes, they charged 100 smackers for that upgrade with their G4 PPC chips. What other items? I'm not going to look it up, sorry.
New Posts  All Forums: