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Yeah, I couldn't disagree with Chucker more. The consumer line provided increased the prices by greatly increasing the value -- the mini now includes the $100 wireless and bluetooth upgrade, plus many other included items, all for the $100 price bump. People don't simply upgrade when they need to. They upgrade when there is a compelling reason to do so. Moving from dual G5's to quad woodcrest at the 2K price would be such a reason, whether I need it or not.
Funny how some of you set yourselves up for high prices. For the record, I originally expected quads across the entire line... Forget 2.0 ghz anything. That number is older than dirt, back with the original G5. Get that outta here. Quad 2.3 Woodcrest $1999. Quad 2.6 Woodcrest $2499 Quad 3 ghz Woodcrest $3299 This will finally get the ProMac sales above 100K per quarter -- Enjoy! PS -- Maybe a single 2.3 in there for $1599.
Excellent point. Everything is dual core, so the PrOtowars11111froooood shall be...more.
Look, the Apple towers are not selling. The MacBooks and the Minis are dual core for a fraction of the cost. I'd bite for quad woodcrest at the middle and high end. Anything else would be
Apple shouldn't settle anything. They should run Creative into the ground to send a message about other beleaguered companies filing lawsuits against them.
I say all quad, all woodcrest. The freakin' MacBooks are dual core. Does someone here think the ProMacs would even go there? Apple needs to start moving these things.
Um, better not!
So let's see here, I would like to see a ProMac Core 2 Duo Dual (4 cores) machine with a Woodcrest processor as the low / middle / high end offerings. I'm confused! OT: I would like to state for the record that the user "jackbauer" at this moment has "24" posts.
The bigger the wallet, the bigger the needs.
I would expect a very good thing out of this: Apple allows all podcasters to place ads during their podcasts. Revenue between Apple and Podcaster is shared 50/50. This would create an industry or provide a revenue stream to those who are making some interesting podcasts, and gives the company revenue to support the download costs. Very similar to Google, how they transformed internet advertising by sending out checks to websites while they made billions themselves....
New Posts  All Forums: