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You also can't make the iPhone HW with a single patent. Apple has to buy components from some, license from others and build from scratch (and the protect) in other areas. The only difference I see betweeen HW as a product and code as a product is tht one is easier to discern.
You don't understand why people like success over failure, or you don't understand why people like Apple's high quality and great service over low quality and poor service?
Rumor: At CES Samsung will introduce its voice-controlled personal assistant dubbed Samsung Integrated Response Interface.
1) With that focus I think the ad really is effective. We have to remember Android-based vendors are competing against each other first and foremost.2) It's interesting how "fanboy" isn't qualified to refer to "Apple fanboys" or "iPhone fanboys" like Wallace is saying only Apple's products have actual fans. That doesn't make Samsung look good.
The 1st iPhone had no 3G. The 2nd had a display resolution that was slightly below the norm. The 3rd was well below the norm. The 4th was clearly smaller than the average Android phone. Sounds like all the iPhones were utter failures.
The current iPhone is 5G, as in the 5th generation iPhone. See what I did there? A cardinal number followed by the letter 'G' isn't a regulated standard so they can call it whatever the hell they want, they just can't say it's "4G as defined by the ITU-R".
Get A Mac ads were not attacking customers, they were attacking the product. You may think there is no difference between Samsung directly making fun of Apple customers waiting in line and an actor portraying a poorly engineered and constructed machine, but these ads are night and day.
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Sure, it's an attack ad, and sure, neither Samsung nor Android devices will have lines of people for any new model device, but this ad is great. It's actually showcasing the HW and eludes to a better user experience without some juvenile CGI of a robot invasion. It's both direct and subtle. It's a brilliant ad from a marketing standpoint.
New Posts  All Forums: