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I didn't think VISA and MC's licences were exclusive to Google Wallet.
I can understand the reservation about security of digital technology, especially a wireless one, but in many ways it's more secure than a plastic card with printed numbers. For example, let's say someone swipes your phone and wallet at the gym. Your card numbers are compromised right away. They don't even have to go as far as to steal the card to get access to data on the card, sometimes cloning the card without your knowledge. Now if you had your cards on your phone...
1) I can't get the holiday hours overlay to work in Safari or Chrome. Not used to seeing messed up webcode on Apple's site. 2) All those tired bastards likely spending more if they weren't half asleep trying to a jump on Black Friday after an exhaustive Thanksgiving. Good luck, shoppers.
I have a recommendation for your final gift to the world but I think it may break the forum rules.
Let me refresh you of the timeline you've conveniently rewritten.December 16, 2010 — Nexus S is released on T-Mobile USA.May 26, 2011 — Google Wallet NFC app finally gets demoed.September 19, 2011 —*Google Wallet NGC app finally gets released. We're talking 10 months after the Nexus S had been on the market. But that's not all folks… Google then only releases the app for the Nexus S 4G for Sprint that came out in May 2011, yet you claim to know nothing about the useless...
You mean the Nexus that was released with NFC HW but neither the SW nor services infrastructure to make it useful out of the box? That Nexus?
At least the icon theme seems to be untouched.
Good argument. I concede.
While it would be nice to have an option, I don't think it's an issue. You get used to the grid/page and don't really mind the icon or text after you're familiar with your device. Even if Apple supplied many high quality icons to choose from it might still look cheap. Even the default Mac OS user icons are cheap looking.PS: With ICS Android finally has drag-and-drop and icon onto another to create a folder. I can't but think if that happened the other way around there...
New Posts  All Forums: