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You need to sell that to Hollywood.
1) I see your point but I don't think it's fair to judge direct industries to a consumer product company. It's more fair to compare Apple's design of the A5 chip which they make only 1 or maybe 2 versions of.2) You shouldn't take the comment so literally. Apple does make very few major products compared to their competitors. That's the take away.3) I found this interesting… (Note that is only Samsung's line for the US through carriers)»...
I agress that the multiple remote thing annoyed Jobs. No one likes it, but I don't see a good solution to get around it. A TV won't cut it. You still have sound bars with remotes, A/V receivers with remotes, Blu-ray players with remotes, game consoles with remotes, and sat/cable receivers with remotes. Completely ignoring the whole content distribution conundrum and Siri, the most streamlined HW solution seems to be an A/V receiver with a built-in AppleTV. This would allow...
I get frustrated with his idea for a product without any thought in how it could be accomplished. It reminds me of Karl Pilkington from The Ricky Gervais Show where he has an "idea" for a watch that would tell you how long you have to live. When questioned about how it would work his response is "Just pop it on your wrist."» http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJxcQt6nCC0He doesn't come across as a domain troll, more like some passionate about a concept.
Falling Skies is just an awful show to begin with. Poor concept. Poor writing. Poor CGI. There isn't much for an actor to work with.
A few things to consider. Are you trying to recreate a great Steve or create a great story? If you go with the former actors like John Malkovich simply won't cut it. His speech patterns are too unique. If you are going for a great story of the man's life then no one actor will work because of the age disparity from rise to fame to death. Of the two Wyle could play a younger Jobs easier on screen than Clooney. Personally, I expect this to fall through like so many other...
That's not correct. The law in Florida is trying to protect customers from telemarketing scams. Make an appointment at an Apple Store Genius and have them or a manager call AppleCare. Make sure you have your device and the receipt so you can get the appropriate info from it.
Is that really true anymore? Remember, Verizon and Sprint were claiming, accurately I might add, '3G' coverage for their CDMA2000 areas that were 1x which has real world data transmissions averaging 60–100 Kbits/s, which is worse than the '2G' GSM EDGE speeds AT&T had over the country.
1) My reference is to the overall desktop v. notebook sales as noted by the statement "and that's without even considering Apple's notebook dominance." 2) When it comes to Apple's market focus exactly what part of the overall desktop market do you expect them to play in? As previously stated they aren't going to make a gaming rig that costs thousands of dollars that actually turn a profit but have very, very low sales, and they aren't going sell the plethora of cheap...
What desktop market? Desktop sales pale in comparison to notebook sales, and that's without even considering Apple's notebook dominance. They'd probably make more money bringing the iPod Classic back than trying to profit from a budget or gaming xMac. Like it or not towers are not what the typical customer wants or needs.
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