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An extra $30 for two accidental damages in two years replaced for $49/each that will move with the device, not the original owner? That's definitely worth it. Hell, I might even bust one on purpose an spend the $49 if you get a new battery and in the original casing if you're going to resell it.
He admitted he was wrong about the Apple tablet running a full blown version of Mac OS X.
Maybe decade is too long but you can't easily argue that a TV monitor needs to be updated as frequently as computer components. Can you imagine a PS3 TV? And game consoles actually have a pretty long shelf life that aren't too far from a TV, but other HEC appliances are changed out more frequently than a TV. Still, this issue of cracking the nut isn't some unthought of concept to just put everything into one box. You have to figure out how to resolve the...
He's a smart guy, who could have been petty about the whole NeXT over BeOS thing, but instead has a lot of respect and admiration from Jobs. I don't see how anyone could harbour any negative feelings toward Gassée.
Jean Louis-Gassée had a couple articles about the elusive iTV concept that are worth reading.• http://www.mondaynote.com/2011/11/06/from-heaven-itv/ • http://www.mondaynote.com/2011/11/13...’s-the-money/
Even if you get the excessive and complex remote control and on-screen UI for finding shows with something like Siri there is then TW issue of speed and reliability. Having it take longer than accessing the channel guide or being down intermittently makes for a bad experience. Of course, these are just the superficial issues Apple would have to deal with when trying to crack this nut.
"To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions." You and everyone else have always wanted things to work better and be easier to use, but most realize that it's more than just saying you want something is required to make something happen. You won't be able to devise a solution until you step out of Narnia and understand the problem.
If Apple can get Retina Display for the next iPad then that's it. Apple will have locked in another natural monopoly, just like with the iPod. Sure, there will be the $200 loss-leader gnatablets sold by Amazon and B&N but Apple will be taking nearly all the profit from the tablet market and have all the sales from the proper tablet market.My first IPad was WiFi-only. Then I bought the 3G model, but never activated it. Bak then I only used a few GB of storage. With my 3rd...
That sounds like a like a lot of cross-licensing to get the 7" display integrated with your car's console. As great as that would be Apple has no history of working that closely to automotive companies outside allowing a 30-pin connector in a glove-box that can connect to the car's built-in system. PS: I really hate that 30-pin connector in the glove box. I want my iPhone to be standing up in a charger on the center console where I can place it or grab easily. The glove...
Yeah I'm not a fan of the cut off text either, but that, too, is my issue so far with WP7.
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