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I don't think so. I think it's moving steady toward repeating the iPod dominance, only much faster. If they do get Retina Display (265ppi) for the iPad in early 2012 then I'd say it's definitely a done deal for the foreseeable tech future.
There is also another option to do an install from an installation on the current version without needing an external disc. But it's nowhere as straightforward and simple as Lion is and Win8 will be. PS: One thing I wish Apple would do is make creating a bootable installer disk/disc an option that doesn't require you to jump through some hoops. The directions are simple enough to follow, but you'll definitely need to look up the first time to know where to find the DMG and...
Except for being an internet-based option that is pretty much the opposite of simple. MS is following Apple lead here, as usual.
I think it's unfair to say MS is "copying" Apple. They are certainly following their lead, but online SW distribution already existed. I read today that there are to be 50 Ultrabooks at CES in January. That's a lot of machines without any internal optical drive. This was inevitable.
If it can run Honeycomb the chance of ICS being ported seem likely, but are what are the requirements for ICS? Meaning, will the HW in the TouchPad be good enough to feasible run the OS? Stable or not, if it's slow then it's pretty pointless.
These guys lost money on every TouchPad sale. Selling more, which they aren't doing, at a loss would just make the matter worse.
Two of the top 10 tablets on Amazon are under $100.» http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers...rsr_e_1_3_last
Nope. Need to create a cost effective, quality product that can grow a brand. Selling your product at a quarter the cost to make it while offering little to no future support — which you say is irrelevant to the computer market — is kind of the exact opposite of what Apple does.
Control?Just because?To see if you can?My online super-model girlfriend whom I've never met says Android is super awesome?
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