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I don't consider 2 decades foreseeable in computing. Even 5 years is really stretching it, though analysts try and are usually wrong. 5 years ago, in 2006, Nokia and RiM were slated to dominate handset profits and MS dominate mobile OS profits in the foreseeable 5 year future, yet halfway through 2008 Apple became the most profitable handset vendor. We're even seeing a rise in the average cost per handset and service fees because of the shift to consumer-friendly...
Seems risky to not have FOX News telling you which liberal you need to be extra afraid of today. PS: Does the AppleTV pick up Photosteam and you subscribe to other user's Photostream with guest credentials? It might be nice for someone to see photos taken from the iPhone at some remote location on their AppleTV almost instantly. I can see consumer and business needs for this time of instant push of photos (and videos).That's a popular enough geek mod, but I wonder how...
Sure! I bet there would be even more demand at $49 per unit. The problem is it just isn't feasible and there is no technical path that will make it feasible in the foreseeable future. Even Amazon with their loss-leader Kindle Fire is still 2x the price of the HP Touchpad yet is 1/2 the display area, and pretty much 1/2 of other components, if it even has a counterpart.
It reads like it's kicking HP when they're down. Wired had a good article yesterday on what WebOS has cost the company.» http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2011/...bile-touchpad/
This is a good write up on NFC. Fairly technical but also very straightforward.» http://apcmag.com/inside-nfc-how-nea...tion-works.htmOff Topic: Have you tried TomTom on the iPad since it went Universal?
1) If Apple doesn't support NFC in 2012 we'll get another article they'll support it in 2013. At any rate, I think it's safe to say that we shouldn't expect it until the next 6th gen. iPhone, not with the 3rd gen. iPad. 2) iTS has been quite successful and seemingly secure over the years. I wonder if Apple will leverage these 400(?) million account holders with CCs on file to pass transactions. Besides serving as a way to data mine where and when customers spend their...
LOL So Apple competitors can move product so long as they sell it for 1/4th the cost to manufacture?
I think they only offer it online.» http://www.apple.com/r/store/government/epp.html
1) I think the ease in which you can take a snapshot an upload play a greater role than the quality of the camera components or am I incorrect in thinking the pre-iPhone 4 models were the most used smartphone cameras too.2) You also need to take into account the number of units sold. Apple sold more 5th gen. iPhones in a weekend than most Android-based devices sell in their entire run.And if it was shown that iPhone users upload more pictures to the Internet than Android...
Apple's Because We Can ad campaign.
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