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The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime looks to be the best execution, at least in HW for the mobile touchscreen device turned into a stnadard laptop device concept.ยป http://www.theverge.com/2011/11/21/2...e-order-536-99Still need to see how well ASUS made the mouse/trackpad work, but I can't imagine it's as awful as Motorola did with the Atrix.
With Apple Stores being as packed as they are on normal shopping days Apple could raise their prices by 10% this Friday. Actually, I might use this opportunity to get another iPad 2 over a refurbished 1st generation. I think the resale value of the 2nd gen. and additional features enough to make the added initial price worthwhile.
I can understand the point of certain subjects or topics moving too quickly for certain students at certain times, and it's clear that self-motivation plays a key role being great in an area because obviously an interest sought outside a required timeframe is likely down with greater passion and duration, but I think a structured class can have great benefit in leading us toward or away from paths that we may or may not know we really care about.
So by your reckoning cars are personal vehicles but motorcycles aren't personal vehicles by the virtue of the fact that they are more personal?
OMG, I think his "it's not a PC if it doesn't have MS Office" excuse deserves the troll of the year award.
What?! Defend that position. Flash, JS, PHP, et al. can be well served by focused instruction.
So by your logic if Apple doesn't call it a personal computer (or define it as a Mac) it's not a personal computer, a term they coined and then didn't use for their Mac? In fact, Apple have, for the most part, shied away from calling their machines "PCs" since the IBM Personal Computer (a brand name)/IBM PC compatible became popular.It must be nice to live in a world where you can just put up make up stuff without any concern for reason or logic.
AI writes articles, MR blogs.
Of course your phone would be having every possible problem. That isn't what I recall as the norm. Always seemed they tight lipped even about known betas and issues, hence my surprise, even thought a thanksgving week release seems unlikely.
Not at all. This is the first time I've ever had an Apple Store employee tell me about an impending update.
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