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This site has a lot of good slams against Flash…» Never Said About Restaurant Websites
But it's still externally placed, which was what was inherently wrong with the whole antenna on the iPhone 4. Remember the "How dumb could Apple be for putting the antenna on the outside?" and "No one puts the antenna on the outside because it's a stupid idea." type comments?
I have excessively punctilious today.I wonder what is up with Ireland. I do feel a little bad comparing him to Karl Pilkington describing how a death watch works when Ireland describes how the AppleHDTV will work. But not bad enough to repost this video clip:» http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJxcQt6nCC0
More to the point, run 10+ hours of video on a single charge. Can't even do that on the MBPs that are rated for 10 hours under a certain load.
Getting rid of the ODD will allow them to reduce the size quite a bit right there. That's 25% savings on the bottom chassis for internals and at least 3mm drop if they choose to retain two-platter 9.5mm HDD. I'm hoping they include the SSD card -AND- at least a space for a SATAIII 7mm SSD or HDD for data.
He said he was allowed to tell me that. I was returning my iPhone 4S at the time. I specifically asked himbecause it's not like an Apple Store employee to divulge any information about such things, including certain issues with devices.
Apple: http://quietube2.com/v.php/http://ww...?v=B2EfQuujcys Their competition: http://quietube2.com/v.php/http://ww...?v=9Hk3VuqjATU
That's not only the antithesis of genius it's also axiomatically wrong as the iPad display is 7.99x the size of a single iPhone display.
I had an Apple Store employee tell me 5.0.2 would be coming before Thanksgiving to address additional and/or continued issues with the battery drain of some devices.
So you're saying a split UI and different sized icons were all that were needed to adjust for a 3.5" 3:2 display into a 9.7" 4:3 display. That'll be your little secret¡Or… you could accept that reality that both are CocoaTouch and are unique UIs designed independently for their primary I/O.And I guess we can completely ignore all the default apps that are nothing like their iOS for iPhone counterpart, because that would totally decimate your argument even more.
New Posts  All Forums: