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Let's consider the very first review you post.How can anything look pixelated at 316ppi. Seems strange…unless…. your resolution is based on sub-pixel counting which put is well out of the range of being Retina Display quality of 286ppi or higher for a 12" distance. Remember, the iPhone has been at 326" ppi IPS panel for a year and half. Not exactly anything Samsung should be patting themselves on the back for.On another note, we have the performance of the device going...
I wouldn't call the concept genius. It's not only common to combine technologies as they evolve, but natural. The problem, as you say, is the execution. If anyone can do this right it's Apple because they do control the HW and SW, and they already have a foundation OS that runs on multiple architectures and uses multiple UIs. I would expect Apple has had Atrix-like devices in their labs for years that can switch between CocoaTouch and Aqua UIs simply by placing it in the...
That strikes me as potentially being anti-competitive or at least appearing that way to those with an ax to grind, especially in these early days of Apple chip development (e.g.: A4, A5) they have already shown that a more optimized chip can put them far ahead of the pack in many regards. I could see Apple investing in ARM the way they did with Imagination Technologies but I don't see them outright buying them.
Off topic, but I'd love for Apple to perfect the iGPU and dGPU switching. The idea that it's apps based makes perfect sense for a system running Windows, but for a company that controls both the HW and SW they should be able to switch them as resources require them. Having Twitter app turn on the dGPU if it's available is just silly.
I had to re-buy Angry Birds for my iPhone since they are not Univeraal despite being the exact same game play and setup as far as I can tell. I had 3 stars on every level on the iPad and I'm finding just finishing a level on the iPhone is difficult. I don't know how that game became so popular on smartphones.
I think you have valid points but it should be noted that the iPod Touch was never updated alongside Apple's flagship product, the iPhone. Always months later. Whether Apple had to wait for some component for the iPhone 4S or simply wanting to move their two most profitable products — that use mostly the same internals — to be 6 months apart from each other is unknown, but makes sense that the Touch won't be updated until after the new year to allow component and market...
That's food for thought.
They need government bailouts.
That's the thing, unless they try up to 10,000 possible PIN combinations they aren't going to get into my device to connect it to a WiFi network. And it's unlikely it'll auto-connect to an open-WiFi network that doesn't have a splash-screen, like Starbucks. Since I doubt anyone would go to that much trouble over simply wiping the device the only real option I have is reporting it stolen and getting my device ID on some list on Apple's servers so if they take it in for...
This site and people I know surely aren't representative but many are stopping having multiple notebooks in the home to just have a single iMac as their powerhouse PC with iPad and iPhone "satellite computing" to take up the rest of their needs. PS: I took your advice.
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