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No, but I've just realised WHY I haven't done that - it doesn't shut down for me. It just runs the script, and says it the firmware is install, without even the mention to shut down. It all seems done, until I check again for updates, and there's EFI Firmware 1.3 once again!
It's taken me a while to get back on this thread, but I wanted to see if it dissapeared after installing 10.5.3 - unfortunately, it's still there.... It has it listed as installed on the "installed updates" section.... several times over. This is the weirdest problem in the world, and quite frustrating. Any more ideas?
Sorry yeah, that was me who cropped the image! Ok, I'll trying "tossing" that file and let you know what happens. Cheers.
I'm having a weird problem with the 1.3 version of EMI Firmware Update. After I restart my computer after installation, everything seems okay. But a couple of days later, Software Update prompts me that I need to install exactly the same firmware update again, as if I hadn't installed it in the first place. Anyone else getting this?
Randomly, my dock platform on Leopard dissapears every sometimes. It only reappears when I do restart my Mac. See my screenshot http://i29.tinypic.com/2aflhlt.png Any ideas on the cause of this? Does anyone else get this? Model: Apple iMac Aluminium 2.4GHz OS: 10.5 Leopard
Although I'm a total novice with networking, is there such thing as a CAT6 cable? I've only ever heard of a CAT5; so I was wondering, if there is such a thing, whether Leopard supports it or not....?
Hi there mate. It's good to hear that someone else has exactly the same problem - so I now know there's no one called Mr. Thomson trying to get into my Home Hub! To temporarily "hide" it, I've just unchecked all three network boxes in the Finder preferences, under Sidebar. I can do this because I don't have to do much networking around my home. Just out of curiousity, I'll continue to look and see whether it can be permanently disabled using BT's router admin.
Yeah, I've got a wireless network. It's WPA protected, so that chances of the guy getting into my network is surely pretty slim....? Are you sure that's the only that a PC would appear on my shared page; is there no way he can broadcast his server wirelessly to any computers nearby?
Nope, dragging out doesn't work. Nor doesn't the delete or backspace key. I've temporarily solved it by hiding all the Shared category on the sidebar, because i don't use it at all. Cheers.
I've just installed my OS X Leopard upgrade this evening, and everything is really good apart from one thing. In the finder, on the improved left hand menu, it now shows any shared computers. For some reason, a new one has appeared (i don't think it was there before), called "thomson" - this has absolutely nothing to do with me! I presume it must be a neighbour with a wireless PC server. I can't actually add/delete anything - I can only be a Guest. Is there any way...
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