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It can also be used for practising with your Lightsabre.
Yay! Nice op-ed. Go Dilger!
  Wait! Let me get a cup of tea, this is going to be a good one.
  That's racist and I take offense at it.
  More countries than Ireland do this, just yesterday there was some happiness in Britain when Fiat announced they're be moving their non-car HQ to Britain and away from Italy for the lower corporate tax in Britain. Italy naturally feels unhappy about this.   http://news.sky.com/story/1094206/fiat-industrial-may-move-tax-base-to-uk   Part of what makes this possible is the EU allowing free movement of goods and services across borders, this is one of the side-effects that...
Sounds more like FUD thrown out so someone somewhere can scare up some profits.   Tim has my confidence, more confidence than the stocks and shares version of a gossip columnist will ever have from me.
Nice one! I don't see it sinking in with any of the foaming-at-the-mouth Apple-haters I've met over the years but it's terrific to have this for reference in case I meet any more. Also, maybe it should be Op-ed rather than a full article.
  Second that. Lovely video and great honour. 
    That's my original premise, that finger painting is severely limited compared to using a pressure-sensitive pen.   I am happy to hear that there are pressure-sensitive pens available for the iPad. It does put the iPad and the Surface Pro on a more equal footing for me.   Quote: Originally Posted by stelligent  - Pollock was not using the most efficient tool. He was using the tool that felt right, artistically and emotionally.   That is the most efficient tool for...
  Yes, I do.     Pollock absolutely was using the most efficient tool for what he wanted to do.     Quote: Originally Posted by stelligent  I would agree if you argue that finger-painting on an iPad does not give you the precision control or a Wacom pen..   You can still produce a result on an iPad or iPhone, but the process of getting that result is more awkward. Simply that. A Wacom Pen on a desktop will get you to that same result and better,...
New Posts  All Forums: