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I love how Apple are insistant on cutting their Samsung-shaped nose off to spite their face.
I really don't see games over AirPlay competing with any console, at least not with the current level of networking technology. I've tried Real Racing 2 over AirPlay and found the experience underwhelming. Not the fault of the game, more just the issues with the technology. The gameplay lags, the frame rate only hits 30 fps if you're lucky (consoles will give you up to 60 fps) and the actual image quality isn't all that either... We are talking about a lossy video codec,...
6.0.1 has fixed nothing for me. I've reached my data limit again this month. I now have to remember to switch off data while I'm travelling to and from work. It's not even as if I need the Podcasts app to download anything while I'm out!
Oooh iPod touch! Must've cost them at least $5 each wholesale.
  The headline doesn't make sense. Wi-Fi free is different from Wi-Fi Network free.
I very much doubt it. As adults we are the ones who pay for these things. As adults we want to watch movies and TV shows with our families on a big screen.
  It doesn't track other apps. It merely pulls a list of apps that are on your device and pulls down information already gathered about what those apps do from their database to your phone. It's clever in that it's a simple idea... It's not really breaking the sandbox.   Would be nice for Apple to actually build in information in the Settings app that told you all of this information, including how much data/CPU each one is using up... Then it'd be easier to know which...
  I guess it's just an SDK to make the whole dual-screen thing easier to implement. If not, then I don't see the point either.
  Yes, why does Apple do that? I recently bought an Apple TV and downloaded Real Racing HD 2 to try out AirPlay... Took me a while to realise that I had to turn on AirPlay Mirroring before the content would be presented dual-screen. How is that intuitive? It's not even mirroring the content!
  Okay, so "lied to" is a bit heavy. But if the display is welded to the glass, is it actually possible to recycle?   http://www.apple.com/macbook-pro/environment/
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