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  That's so not true. My 1G MacBook originally came with 1 GB RAM and a 100 GB HD. I "maxed out" both at 2 GB and 320 GB HD at a later date. When I bought it, I couldn't afford 2 GB (especially at Apple prices), and I don't think 320 GB HDs even existed. As a result, my lovely old MB has lasted me over 6 years and is still going strong.   If I was to buy a rMBP, I could only afford the minimum spec and there's no way I'd want that. 8 GB sounds great now, but the OS and...
    How can this possibly be turned around so it sounds like Apple-bashing? Phil Schiller was blatantly bragging about how recyclable the thing was, when all along he knew exactly how much he was bending the truth.   I love the new machine, and fair enough if it's not as recyclable... But I don't like being lied to.
  Where is this graph from? 50" screen from 6 feet? The recommended distance is 11-13 feet. And I'm not sure about 22 inches for a laptop... I'm on a MBP 13" right now and I'm about 14-16 inches from the display with it on my lap.
Seriously... What is the point in this? I can appreciate it would possibly be useful for laptops, but desktop machines?   Very dubious.
My money is on iView
That and Apple really hate the likes of Flurry and want to make their jobs more difficult.
How big a market do you think 70" TV screens are though? With the average home size getting smaller rather than bigger, I think most living rooms are going to struggle to make a TV greater than 50" in size fit.So take the small market of 70"+, then double is resolution (bearing in mind they've only just found the technology to make a retina display slightly smaller than 10"), then provide compatible content for said system... Followed by a fraction of a market where the...
And if the definition of Retina now is some formula of DPI / distance from screen, then technically speaking most HD TVs are already "Retina". Any more pixels would be a pointless exercise.
boring 2 million pixel HDTV? Hardly anyone thinks Apple are likely to produce a TV set for several reasons, mainly financial... So why would they want to produce a TV with more pixels than is humanly possible to see, unless the entry-level screen is something like 200 inches?!
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