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All very good points and I agree with you, even down to the fact that the ads are pointless because I believe the public already know this already. If you are economising, buy a PC. If you want bells and whistles, buy a Mac.My Macs haven't always been trouble free and it's great now there are Genius Bars. However yes they are free and therefore very busy, but you can book an appointment online. It's a small price to pay... I've been there with three- or four-year-old...
My God, with an argument like that and all the proof you've given to back you up, you must be right.
Isn't that exactly what they were saying?
My experience has been completely opposite. My MacBook has already out-lasted three PC laptops owned by family members. They have all had to go out and get new machines. What PC can be upgraded where a Mac can't? PC tower machines have PCI slots, so do Macs. I've upgraded the memory of my laptop (which I did in five minutes) and I'll do the same with my hard drive. What am I missing out on here? USB 3? There's no USB 3.0 devices yet. Why bother?
How about the Mactini - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noe3kR8KqJc sound familiar?
Yes... And didn't the last gen Shuffle also only cost £32? I know it was 2GB not 4GB but where's the old £32 price point? Or has that gone because of the poxy pound?
I'll be sitting patiently waiting for the first person to post pictures of their upgrade efforts! I'm guessing that because they haven't mentioned anything about the casing, it will be practically identical internally. So with that in mind, how difficult was it to upgrade the previous model? Would I be able to put a 500GB drive in there?
I kinda believed it personally. Having said that, if they had put a "£649" price label on it I'd have been screaming fake! Bah... Bloody recession.
Still no wireless with numberpad. New short keyboard exactly the same price as the longer one... huh?! More utter randomness from the new line-up of Apple products.
Fake or not, it was spot on! Shame it didn't have the price tag on it, that would have prepared us all for the crappy prices
New Posts  All Forums: