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Time Capsule prices have GONE UP!?! Mac Mini = awful price. Looks like this damn recession has got me.
That's like saying "Well my MacBook can read books so we're good." The primary differences are the things I would want for an eBook. I want a machine whose batteries last a lot longer than an iPhone. I also want something bigger than an iPhone (say, paperback sized!) so I don't strain my eyes.
Lucky for you, in the US. Here in the UK, Amazon's price for the 500GB is 24p cheaper. And the 1TB is £16 MORE expensive. In fact, one Amazon seller is selling their 1TB version for £517.84 - that's $731.
Why does everyone think merging these products would be a good idea? There's a very good reason they are separate: Airport Extreme is just a router. Time Capsule is effectively an Airport Extreme Plus, with backup facilities. Kept away from the other equipment for data storage security. People who can't afford a TC will be able to go for the Airport Extreme. Apple TV is a media server, to an extent... Although I'd prefer a Mac mini and then use it as a...
I'd prefer a lower price point for 500GB and 1TB. Their price for 1TB is so ridiculously expensive, one can buy the 500GB model and a 1TB drive and still have a decent amount of change.
I agree. I would go one step further and say they are really stupid if they don't join the eBook market soon. Amazon are deliberately designing their products in a rather Apple-esque style. Soon they will have patents on how things work and look, and Apple will be the ones producing bad imitations of the Kindle.
Everything you ever need in one box! Server, backup device, all your media and data... BANG! Oh noes it just blew up. It's okay I've used Time Machi... Oh sh!t.
Huh... Okay now that's confusing. I stand corrected! I thought the whole point of a new standard was that it would be digital only. How can they implement HDCP when someone can just plug it in to a VGA monitor?
Again, miniDP is digital only. miniDV allows for older PC monitors. Makes perfect sense for PC switchers.
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