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It looks like mapping from the 18th century.
I'm sorry, who gives a s**t where the money is going? If your collection is completely legit and yet the money you pay for iTunes Match is going to pay the copyright licence holders, great news! I'm paying for the service because I want all my songs in the cloud. It does that, so I am getting what I pay for.A lot of money you pay for products go to other places in a roundabout way... Such as money you paid for your iPad probably goes to pay off legal expenses in patent...
I still don't see what Siri has to do with this. If you ask Siri something and it doesn't understand (which is most of the time), it'll search the web for you. Which is your preferred search engine in Mobile Safari. I'm sorry but I find this article contrived.
Mobile Safari. I see no ads. If you do, where are they?
What a stupid article. How about when I go to Safari, go to the Google (other search engines are available) box top-right and type a query? The results page I get back has no adverts on it. So much for Google relying on advertising, they can't even be bothered to put ads on their mobile result pages.
Some great suggestions there, thanks! I hadn't thought about getting another AirPort Express... I've got one already that I use for AirTunes/AirPlay, but I've had it for quite a while and it's the older .11g model. But I'll have to try and see if I can do this launchd thing first. Thanks!
Thanks for your in-depth reply, sorry for the delay in getting back! It's very tempting to do it properly, but I'm pretty addicted to .11n now ... It used to take hours to backup to the Time Capsule with all the GB that goes through the machine on .11g. It's just a shame I can't have it initialise before the login screen... Is there anything I can do with LaunchAgents/LaunchDaemons perhaps?
bumping this on the off-chance!
Erm, it's hardly surprising if the photo's old, you've dug this thread up from 2008!
I just hope this means faster connection/authentication to Windows servers from a Mac. Using Samba, I sometimes have to wait for about a minute from choosing the connection to it actually opening up.
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