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It actually pages through pictures, or is it just a screensaver like the iPhone with one picture? I think it'd be nice to be able to download different "standby apps"
Hi all, I was just having a think about potential cool stuff for the iPad this morning, wanted to know if this would be possible... The thing I found most disappointing about the iPad demo was the standby screen - okay so it's not so bad on the iPod, but surely scaling that up to iPad size is rather boring? A huge wallpaper and "slide to unlock"... surely there's scope for some really sexy stuff? If anyone's seen stuff like http://www.mymojito.com/ or...
I don't understand why though... Their previous Bluetooth keyboard (which was horrible to type on) had a numberpad. Surely the number of keys it has makes no difference to its power consumption...
It would be an instant sale from me, anyway. So will they ever release one? If not, why not? The wired keyboard comes in both flavours...
Why are people saying that the 27-inch iMac is designed for Blu Ray? The resolution of the 21.5-inch iMac is 1080p, whereas the 27-inch is way more. But the 16:9 ratio hints at a more HD-based future for Apple, so hopefully Blu Ray will be along soon.
I bet it doesn't I can press the dimple and the tray loosens itself, the clicking bit works. Unfortunately it doesn't pop out though and there's not even enough room down the crack for tweezers to pull it out. Any other ideas?
Moreover, does this do anything that the original remote didn't do? What's with all the specs and compatibility information if it's exactly the same but just with a new design?
On mine, the dimple at the bottom doesn't work properly so I've never been able to get the tray out. Luckily the battery is still okay but I have no idea what I'll do when the battery runs out. Get a new remote? Maybe the reason they changed the back was because the tray was less reliable? But I was surprised they moved the play button. Why did they not add a select button in its place?
I followed instructions here:http://discussions.apple.com/thread....readID=2157090
Sounds even better if you imagine that being spoken by Pam Ayres.
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