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With a name like Zoolook, you should be ashamed of yourself!
If Apple keep up this pricing model I will keep buying. I'm surprised companies don't realise more often that people don't like paying a lot in one big go. If they sell little cheap and often then people buy more. If they created a MobileMe Premium service for say £10/$15 per month which included free OS upgrades, I'd definitely sign up. On a slightly different note, my battery life under SL has unfortunately decreased dramatically :-(
What a nasty, bug-ridden release. I had to roll back to 8.2 because it was so bad. Check out all the problems here: http://discussions.apple.com/thread....readID=2151196
That's not really a solution to the problem though. I was giving an example, but it's not just about being discreet. It's about messing with apps on my iPhone and then forgetting to change the volume back. If I was just playing a game with music and wanted to turn the volume down, I have to remember to turn it back up again before bed, or I can't hear my alarm. Or another point; the text message alert is waaay too loud. So I turn my volume down, which is also my ringer...
So your moto phone is constantly checking for people's voices, even in standby? Isn't that a bit of a battery killer?
"Why can't they create an iPhone with a bigger screen" "That's why" huh
Why couldn't Apple create an iPhone with a bigger screen?
I think it needs to be an option on the phone rather than the store for it to work well.
They could easily allow for the developer to choose the upgrade-to-full-version path from within the app. After all, there is already provision for in-game purchases now, so it's not a huge leap to the idea of full version upgrades based on usage, number of launches, or simply a button that a user may press to upgrade to the full unlimited version at any point.It does? As far as I've seen, it's a drop-down menu...?I think it could work. If they base it on comparing your...
How about all the people who say an app is fantastic, then somehow manage to give it 1 star??
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