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I second that. I've been wanting cut for ages... It's so useful!
Yes, there was also 7.1 which is what I was running on my Centris 660AV. And then 7.5, as someone mentioned earlier.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/System_7_(Macintosh)
This also works in most editable text fields, including editing fields in Safari like the one I am typing in now, and TextEdit.
I'm beginning to wonder,... All the major operating systems are taking up tabs in all their applications and are therefore ending up as one-window, one-app... Perhaps it is time for OSX to make the move to adding the menubar to the app instead of it sat at the top of the screen?*runs and hides* At any rate, fantastic informative and interesting article. Thanks!
Absolutely. However it's perfectly healthy to have a rant with kinsmen once in a while, clears the soul. My intention is not to provoke anger or produce flame wars though, I mainly needed to find out if I was alone or if other people found these limitations frustrating. Mind you, saying I shouldn't lament but instead enjoy what I have is not exactly healthy for the evolution and improvement of a product. Taking the most useful interface ideas and working them into one...
Yes. It tells you nothing. I have "Show warning before emptying the Trash" selected, and yet I get no warning. I can't do get info on it anymore (because it is on the Dock). It tells you nothing about the amount of things in there in the window itself. In fact, all in all it's a pretty useless folder. You'd be better off creating a scripted folder which you can then delete the contents of. At least that way you'd be able to find out information about what was in it. Not...
[CENTER] The way I see Finder's copy when I'm in a bad mood [/CENTER] ...I know, sad but true. I have been a loyal Mac user for twenty years and am proud of every machine I have owned. However I use PCs at work and I have to say I wouldn't have it any other way. Unfortunately when it comes to certain tasks, namely file and folder management, OSX doesn't really cut it for me. (I have another major gripe about what Apple did to the Trash when they moved from OS9 to...
Hear hear, an Apple central media server. That would rule absolutely. I still want a Mac Mini, I have since they were introduced. The more I think about how useful it would be sat under my TV as a server/media player, the more I salivate at the idea. And hopefully with these rumours regarding a Mac Nano, well, you just never know. Forget media speculation, long live the Mini!
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