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My guess is that it requests the latest sales data from the server every five minutes. Updating in real-time could significantly slow things down for people actually purchasing apps. Then, the way the data is time-distributed on the Mac displays is just random over those five minutes. That's how I'd do it, anyway
I may do the fanboi thing for the first time ever, and go into a store on the opening morning... I qualify for an immediate upgrade. (yay) Anyone know if UK O2 stores are opening early on the Friday?
I've already got an Alpine iPod adapter for my car. I'm really hoping that this will work with the TomTom software and allow the voice feedback to work over the same connection... It'd be a shame to have to use FM instead.
They probably weren't.Run the same software on 20 Macs, and just get them to request data from App IDs in a different range. You could do this quite easily in Flash too.I'm sure this is why they chose to run it on 20 Macs, it's much easier to borrow 20 Macs from the store cupboard and run some standard software on each of them, than to spec-up each machine to run this task.Nice idea though.
I think you mean IBM
You're amazing!
I bought a DVD recorder for £99 from Curry's about three years ago. Connecting it to the VHS was a doddle. Editing them mostly using MPEG Streamclip, one of the best free applications you can download.
Except the fact that the iPhone and iPod touch use this ratio?
*sigh*... this is just getting childish. I think I will bow out of this silly conversation. I apologise for taking the bait.
Tell you what, since you threw the first punch by saying these people have a chance to change things and have free will, you prove that they do have first.
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