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Why should I? You haven't. There are no facts in your comments, just right wing ignorant opinions. If you believe that everyone in the World has the same abilities and rights as you then you really need to pick up a good newspaper and read.
The ignorance is just... mind blowing.
I'd love to know Apple's logic when thinking it would be a good idea to use sparsebundles on network drives, but not all of the time. If it used the same system on both network and non-network drives, then backup images would be completely movable.
I have considered that option. However there are some (possibly questionable) reasons I'd rather go with the Time Capsule... 1. Built-in power supply. Cabling needs to be tucked down the back of a huge shelving unit and this would make my life a lot easier. 2. Tidiness... One unit would be preferable, it will be placed in a visible area of the lounge so that would be preferable. Also, 500GB is perfectly good enough for now. I am currently using a 250GB drive to backup...
Hi all, I have 'nicked' an old G4 (Quicksilver) from my old offices (was being thrown out). I wanted to set it up as a backup/torrent server, but unfortunately I have discovered that my only external display (CRT Studio Display) has an ADC connector and this machine won't connect to it. I've managed to connect to it under both Target Disk Mode and via a "null" Ethernet connection, but apart from that I have no way of actually setting it up as if I had a...
Thanks for the great information. Like you say, it will future-proof me which is great. Do you know anything about its "G" range at all? One of the main problems we have is that the Netgear router we have is a bit dodgy in some parts of the room (although that could just be airwave saturation). Is the TC good for "G" range? And what's this Guest Access thing, how does it relate to Dual Band? Thanks!
Sorry for the bump, anyone have any thoughts on this? Especially the 11n/11g issue? Thanks!
Hi all, I'm itching to sort out our wireless network. The Netgear router we use seems to be very dodgy, sometimes you have to wait for 30 seconds then hit refresh again, and then finally the page loads. I have a feeling our problems lie in neighbourhood wireless saturation. Aside from these problems, I'd like to be using Time Machine properly and not just backing up to a fat, power hungry G4 tower all the time. I've been reluctant to buy since here in the UK, the price...
Does anyone know if these apps are being bought and integrated rather than just being in competition with them? In the (good) old days Apple would buy up popular shareware and integrate it into the operating system. As far as I can recall, it happened to Window Shade, and even iTunes (originally SoundJam). This was beneficial for both parties. It would be a shame if Apple didn't buy and integrate Little Snitch because it is a brilliantly executed piece of software.
So you could set up Time Machine on a drive connected to TC/AEBS instead of TC internal drive itself? If that is the case, what does TC have that AEBS doesn't, except the internal drive and the inflated price tag?
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