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hold on, this is getting confusing... Can either Time Capsule and/or AEBS be expanded for Time Machine purposes by connecting an external USB drive?
We're NOT getting excited about a 3.2mp camera. That's the whole point. By saying 3.2mp is behind the times it just goes to show how uneducated you are regarding CCD technology.
Why would anyone need a 5MP iSight camera? Why would you need to have an iChat conversation with a resolution several times higher than HD? 5MP is only useful if you are taking shots with a camera. Putting 5MP into a camera whose only use is to take face video and send them over a broadband connection in real-time is a waste of time, resolution, bandwidth... Basically everything. Don't buy that at all.
I got it, pixelcruncher. JeffDM disagreed but said exactly the same thing.
I still don't understand the point you are making. Apple makes both hardware and software and so is able to make comparisons. Microsoft cannot make the same claims.It is true that OSX is updated more often than Windows, but it is not every year. It is nearer once every two years. Also it is strange to be penalised for providing customers with newer software. It is not essential for users to buy every new release. I usually skip every other release.It's easy to find a...
Ah couldn't find it cos it was top-right not bottom-left. Thanks!
Hi all, I've started to get these PMs from someone called dfgdgdfgfdgdfgfd who keeps sending me this message:I have added them to my ignore list, but didn't know how to report them as a spammer. Any ideas? Thanks, :-Joe
Can someone say 'irony'? :-)
Why do people keep saying HP? The ads are Lenovo laptops as far as I can see. Are HP and Lenovo the same thing?
Tried this?http://porting.openoffice.org/mac/download/aqua.html not tried it myself yet but thought I'd mention it
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