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Please update headline to "Random guy at Amazon claims they're working on an app," thanks.
This is incorrect. The date of record (or the date by which ownership must have been settled to receive dividends) is Monday, November 9. Since trades take three days to settle, you must have owned Apple stock by Wednesday, November 4 if you expect to receive dividends. November 5 is simply the ex-dividend date (or the date the stock trades without the dividend calculated into the share price). (edit - can't believe I need a calendar to tell what day yesterday was  )
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Betteridge's law of headlines... (at least I didn't see it by name)   "Apple spins impressive narrative of success, but are there holes in the story?"   No.
Not sure why Apple thought we need a dedicated "Home" button: on the Apple TV 3 (and likely the ATV 2), pressing the menu button for 3 seconds would return you to the home screen. It would have made more sense to keep the long menu press and make the button directly above the volume rocker a mute button. Probably figured it was familiar and apparent. 
Including all previous Apple TVs. (Return to a previous menu: Press menu.)
That would be worth reading, do you have a link?
 If only !  I'd pay a premium to draw better than my stick figure skills allow.  Sadly for us, Apple engineers could not imbue their latest creation with magic.
 Count yourself lucky that the Apple pencil isn't magical. 
 Breaking: Apple acquires Magic Jack - Cook says Apple needed a fourth leg on their "Magic" stool.
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