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   I guess I didn't really take gregq's comment as an endorsement of CurrentC, just a statement that some retailers (translation: Walmart) will use/abuse customers if it saves them a few cents per transaction. However, if I had written the last sentence, I would have said "Don't underestimate the willpower of Walmart." In this instance, to keep railing against the inevitable.
 I enjoyed your post, and while it does seem pointless for CurrentC to add credit cards, you didn't mention the data collection angle. Sure, Walmart would rather avoid CC fees and track every customer, but I'd guess they might be forced to take what they can get.  I think Walmart's benefit of CurrentC user tracking vs. regular CC user tracking is that the data from all consortium members is shared. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)
If you're referring to pump payment terminals, merchants won't be have to have chip capable terminals until Oct. 1 2017. That's when the liability for pump transactions becomes the station owners' responsibility. Frankly, this is where I'd like to use Apple Pay the most, but the deadline is 2+ years away. I'm not counting on it anytime soon. (Transactions inside at the register will likely begin support chip and potentially, Apple Pay much sooner --- Oct 1 2015.)
You've probably heard, but Discover will be on Apple Pay this fall. (No specific date has been reported -- at least that I know of.)
 The date is actually sooner, October 1, 2015. Unfortunately, liability won't shift at gas pumps until October 1, 2017.  Handheld readers are common in restaurants everywhere except the U.S. I hope to see them here too, but I'm not optimistic I'll see any for a while. The fact is, even if a U.S. consumer has an EMV card, it is probably chip + signature, not a chip + PIN, so I'm expecting many (most) restaurants will continue to take your card out of sight. I've actually...
 EMV cards are either chip/pin or chip/signature. You shouldn't have to do both. The vast majority of cards in the US this year will be chip/signature. ApplePay purchases may require a signature, if purchases exceed a certain amount. I love apple pay, and in practice it's much more convenient that it sounds, just wanted to clear this up.
That's the sense I get as well. On the second point, just make sure they're Apple Watch compatible -- everyone will want a set ! ;)
I didn't think compliments were allowed on AI. Learned something new today.
Link please. Thx
Wait for it... "We intend to appeal...." 
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