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Well done, as mine is only 2 weeks old.
As usual, the voice of reason. Most of this thread would disappear if people would simply read this Jeff's comment.
Oh internets, you never fail.
Agreed. Unfortunately, there's just no reasoning with the masses who already "know" that 1080 is more than 720. There's not much reason to prefer a 32" 1080 set over 720 for TV viewing--you practically have to sit on it o see the difference--yet many people think the price premium is worth it. Try telling that group they wasted their money.
I'm with you. There are lots of avenues to get recorded content, but only a couple solutions for streaming live events (e.g. mlb.com). Unfortunate then, that I see Apple simply trying to correct the mistakes they made in the first go-round. That's going to be hard enough already, without adding live events to the mix.I'd love to be wrong, but I don't read it in this rumor.
We have #1 and #2, what's #3?
Yes, combined with another silly AI headline.
# 29.
From the tech specs page:"Mini DisplayPort connector with audio support"
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