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Agreed, but the 24" will be gone when supplies run out. From the link above "Apple is discontinuing both the 24-inch LED Cinema Display as well as the older 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Displays they had been selling. When asked why, an Apple representative said this new 27-inch version was seen as 'ideal for the uses we see most people having.'"
I appreciate your sacrifice and thanks for posting back -hh, even if it was a bust. Hmm, if anything like your last comment happened, now that would be news!
Got a laugh from me, thanks.Thanks for that, it sounds as though it may be a difficult job. (BTW, I assume you'll post to this thread? If not, I suppose I can search for your recent posts.)
I'll mark that on my calendar then.
davesw and columbus earlier posts have said about everything that needs to be said on this subject.
Excellent, informative post -- not usually seen on AI's lawsuit threads) Googling around, it seems that RIM (separate from the lawsuit) tried to invalidate NTP's patents. As far as I can find, the final outcome there is not yet determined.
Thanks for that one, these boards have been devoid of any sense of humor this week.
There should also be cake. Chocolate, and lots of it.
Check the return policy where you bought it. If you purchased from Apple online, read through this. Unless it is unopened, you will likely be charged a restocking fee.
Don't be too worried if it doesn't take your regular route, I've tested it around town and it rarely chooses routes I'd pick. (But then again, my 1 year old Garmin doesn't either.) I suppose what matters is whether it gets you there without too much trouble.I'd suppose if you enter your trip into MapQuest's website, you'll see a route close to what the app gives you.I'm on a business trip next week, I'm going to test my theories first hand, leaving the dedicated GPS at home.
New Posts  All Forums: