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Try this independent ratings site.
Think what you're asking, man! A forum poster that considers someone else's views is truly the rarest breed.
I had pretty much given up on this thread until I saw these two posts. Made it all worthwhile. Thanks guys!
See JeffDM's reply. You apparently regard Steve Jobs open letter, Feb. 6 2007, as a ruse. Are you talking about Amazon or another store? Amazon didn't begin selling MP3 downloads until Sept. 2007.iTunes Plus was available May 30, 2007.This is from a Q/A with EMI head Eric Nicoli, after the EMI / Apple / iTunes Plus announcement.“Wall Street Journal. What was the moment you decided to [sell non-DRM'd music]? Steve’s letter?...”Eric: “We knew Steve’s views before the...
Sure Edgar, the music industry and publishing industry are identical. Rotten Apple. If only you had been in charge, you'd still be on top of the world.
Ok. http://vimeo.com/blog:268
"...these are NOT three separate devices!"
AI, you have a way with words.
It's in Prince/Slash/Dan's contract.
You have learned well, Grasshopper.
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