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I agree with the remainder of your post, but was this part supposed to be tongue in cheek?
I'm anxious to see this open up as well. An app that allows for excellent markup, notes, bookmarking and search, for starters.
Already under development, rumor is that it will be called iKevorkian.
Did reading this response steal some of your time, too? If so, the check's in the mail.
DaveGee -- a few posts above -- has spelled out a number of reasons iAd is good for devs and end users. (Short version: choice.)
Shocking really. Who would have thought a highly publicized Apple product launch would be targeted by grandstanding hucksters.
The article seems pretty vague on dates. If the "100 day plan" included these changes, could the fixes already be in 3.1.3?
Thank you. On the bright side, this thread has convinced me to spend more time on constructive activities.
Try this independent ratings site.
Think what you're asking, man! A forum poster that considers someone else's views is truly the rarest breed.
New Posts  All Forums: