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Don't be too worried if it doesn't take your regular route, I've tested it around town and it rarely chooses routes I'd pick. (But then again, my 1 year old Garmin doesn't either.) I suppose what matters is whether it gets you there without too much trouble.I'd suppose if you enter your trip into MapQuest's website, you'll see a route close to what the app gives you.I'm on a business trip next week, I'm going to test my theories first hand, leaving the dedicated GPS at home.
It starts out speaking a compass direction, but if I remember correctly from the 2-3 times I've used it, it will speak "left" or "right" turns. Text to speech (TTS) is not available as far as I'm aware. I wish it were more full-featured, but for now, I take it as a positive sign that some decent, free competition is coming to the iPhone. (The paid apps are already there.)
I haven't seen anyone mention it in this thread yet, but MapQuest has a free app with turn by turn and voice. It works pretty well. The voice is definitely not as smooth as a dedicated device, but it's an improvement over the built in maps app.http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mapqu...316126557?mt=8 Edit: Article claims "A number of GPS navigation applications already exist on the App Store, though they are not free." Either writer isn't aware of the MapQuest app, or
Precisely. So is the Pontiac Aztec a modern day Pacer, or Gremlin?Here's my favorite Aztec commentary:"Looks like it was designed by two separate teams of engineers that started at opposite bumpers and worked their way towards the middle, each unable to talk to the other until they met at the center doorpost. - Nate"http://www.cartalk.com/content/featu...minations.html... and now back to the regularly scheduled thread.
Ok, but as the rest of your post stuck to the story as reported, it's an unusual point.
Being businessmen?, they'd likely been given enough evidence to take the next step. It seems logical that they would arrange a payment schedule before receiving the phone, based on receipt of the phone, and what they eventually discovered and published.
I agree with the remainder of your post, but was this part supposed to be tongue in cheek?
I'm anxious to see this open up as well. An app that allows for excellent markup, notes, bookmarking and search, for starters.
Already under development, rumor is that it will be called iKevorkian.
Did reading this response steal some of your time, too? If so, the check's in the mail.
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