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The most telling phrase in this article
+1 on the GPS. (Camera would be nice, but the GPS is my biggest wish.)
I knew if I read long enough, I would find one useful post on this thread. Thanks.
Were people really expecting desktop CPUs in an iMac? Or is it just that your wish, unfulfilled, is now a frustration?Realistically, Solipism is right, the iMac is a desktop with notebook parts (the core i7 is not in any version today, not sure why he wrote that bit).iMacs will have core i7 after it is available as a laptop part, and it won't get core i7 before the Macbook Pro. (I won't rule out "at the same time").
I hear you Jebediah.
You're right, iTunes plus with EMI was prior to Amazon MP3 store. Competition will make everyone better, but you need to chose a different example."A senior executive at another record company..."cheers
SlimDevices' squeezebox was introduced in late 2003.
Thanks for all your posts on this thread, they improved the s/n ratio dramatically.
All very good info, thanks!
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