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On June 6, in AU47*, Palm released its hotly anticipated Pre, igniting discussion boards around the internet with opinions about this latest iPhone killer. Along with the Pre, Palm also announced Palm Prefect, a new media organization application with a surprisingly robust feature set, and friendly UI. "Palm Prefect probes your PC and procures access to your precious media, promptly and precisely. It's the perfect application to manage everything on your Pre," said a...
If you remove the last 3 words from your description, it would fit my company perfectly.
Two co-workers in my (very small) building are in the process of switching from BBs to iPhones. The first person is using a 1 finger poke. It's painful to watch. I've suggested that he just start using his thumbs and his typing will improve (after all, he didn't go from 0-50wpm on his BB overnight).
You're not getting it, the land lione was using a seal phone.
Slash Lane? Is this another Dilger pseudonym?
Better--and earlier--piece on the same subject.
"At this time, we have no plans to stay in business"Edit: Looks like Garmin isn't totally clueless, they're developing an Android phone with ASUS. (Will this be the nuviphone that actually ships?)
Good one, I needed that today
Here are two better links.
The very question I asked myself a while ago. Survey says...( Following addabox's suggestion to avoid further summons. )
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