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If you remove the last 3 words from your description, it would fit my company perfectly.
Two co-workers in my (very small) building are in the process of switching from BBs to iPhones. The first person is using a 1 finger poke. It's painful to watch. I've suggested that he just start using his thumbs and his typing will improve (after all, he didn't go from 0-50wpm on his BB overnight).
You're not getting it, the land lione was using a seal phone.
Slash Lane? Is this another Dilger pseudonym?
Better--and earlier--piece on the same subject.
"At this time, we have no plans to stay in business"Edit: Looks like Garmin isn't totally clueless, they're developing an Android phone with ASUS. (Will this be the nuviphone that actually ships?)
Good one, I needed that today
Here are two better links.
The very question I asked myself a while ago. Survey says...( Following addabox's suggestion to avoid further summons. )
I'd rather have GPS in the Touch before a camera. Most people with a Touch are probably already toting a phone with camera.
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