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AI, you have a way with words.
It's in Prince/Slash/Dan's contract.
You have learned well, Grasshopper.
Could AI please stop it with the pseudonyms? Maybe you think this is subtle hint to set your readers' expectations. Reader sees author's name, reader adjusts expectations. Cute. Ok, here's what I expect: Daniel Eran Dilger - Full on, unabashed "Apple is right. Here's why" rant Prince McClean - Supposed straight report, with only required digs and catcalls Slash Lane - Quick, hard hitting rumors and nonsense Everyone could make these associations, or maybe instead, AI...
Nice idea, would be very convenient to set your keyboard, mouse, iPod or iPhone on the base -- simultaneously sync'ing the iPod iPhone via Wi-Fi. Too bad this won't actually happen.
There are two chances: slim and none. Sorry, but mid-year iPod updates have become pretty rare, and last time, it was a capacity only update.
Welcome to another article by D.E.D. / P.M. / S.L. / L.I.S.P.
Yes, no, yes and definately!
The device/vendor spoof has always struck me as Palm's "Plan B". Palm pressed very hard to get the Pre and WebOS out as soon as they did, and the results are impressive. As with any project on a strict timeline, Palm certainly made some compromises. Missing sync software seems like a cutback. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Palm began developing a different solution a while ago: to rely on iTunes alone is certainly poor planning. The real surprise has been...
Note author of article. That contrived reasoning.
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