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Not as pointless as the first iSuppli report.... before they even had a 3G iPhone to crack open.But on the positive side, look how good that turned out: we now know it was only $1.33 off!
Hit the first link and go to iFixit. See his comments "(Sorry about the dirty fingernails-- we've been waiting in line in cold Auckland for a while.)"
If 2007 is any indication, no. Here's the 2007 back to school promo page, still available on Apple's website.
Yes, around the same time the promo ended. The AI writeup made something of the idea that ** gasp ** the touch might be included in this year's promo. That was just my snide way of saying that if the touch shows up on the 2008 list, it really shouldn't be a surprise.
Thanks for the correction, I knew model numbers were listed on the rebate form, but now that I've looked it up, those were just iPod model numbers.I think I can help with the second part, "are refurbs included in the promo?" Unless they change the promo from the last 2 years, refurbs won't qualify. Here's the text from the 2007 rebate form: "PRODUCT ELIGIBILITY: This offer is available only on purchases of new products. All Macintosh computers and the Configure-to-order...
Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't the back to school promo always been tied to specific model numbers? Models not on the list at the start of the promo aren't added.Edit: I was wrong, see Achiever's post below.
You think? Wonder why the touch wasn't included in last year's back to school promo?
Were you actually surprised? Oh, I know, you just forgot the smileys.
The most sensible change would be to put a 3.5" drive in the mini. Whenever this idea is repeated, the first thing that comes to my mind is the image of Jobs introducing the mini. The look on his face says "Can you believe this is the whole computer?" Jobs + mini A computer the width and depth of a TC would have been just as well received by everyone-- except Jobs.
How about distributing a browser that can't be uninstalled?
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