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Doesn't mean they won't get a favorable ruling. Can't anything be done about this? Who's even accountable to "fix" it? Edit: Think of emg's webpage when you read this passage "...while the plaintiff license-holder may have few or no documents worth discovering."
You probably have some horror stories to tell. My brother-in-law is a cameraman for a local news station. Worst assignment of the year? Covering black Friday insanity. Fights over $30 toys.
Full size DisplayPort is roughly the same size as USB or HDMI. "Any of the laptops" is an overstatement. Apple engineers chose between a mini-displayport or "easy access to the hard drive, battery, and RAM?" That's not plausible.Technically, the mini port does the same job. Practically, it's a trade off. As far as I know, this port is Apple's own. What happens from here on out is pure speculation.Edit: Just read dstranathan post. I retract my last 2 sentences
The mini port is less than half the size of the regular port, still not sure why the size reduction is so critical...
Huh? Maybe you think I'm talking about an iPod dock connector? To be clear, I'm asking why Apple hasn't added a connector to dock the laptop. Monitors, periphrials, wired ethernet, etc.
I would be fine with that, if Apple would ever adopt a docking connector. Can anyone explain why Apple doesn't add this -- at least to the MacBook Pro? Is the obsession with 'thinness' responsible?Edit: Should have said 'Docking station port'
There's probably a lot of us in this boat. The price cuts offer some hope for a mid-2009 64GB Touch. (or not? LOL)
Most head shaking, laugh inducing thread ever.
Most excellent wit, I salute you!
Not as pointless as the first iSuppli report.... before they even had a 3G iPhone to crack open.But on the positive side, look how good that turned out: we now know it was only $1.33 off!
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