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The good Dr has quickly become one of my favorite contributers here, I would jump at the two phone plan described.I'm not sure I'm following you, are you saying unlimited data is the only practical plan? I don't want to see a rate hike, hopefully your worst case scenario stays confined to these boards.
Agreed. Although the first few conspiracy theories were fun to kick around, I'm getting bored with them. Greed and incompetence are usually sufficient explanations for business behavior.
Every time my family goes on a 2+ hour drive, the kids "gather around" a computer to watch a movie.
The most telling phrase in this article
+1 on the GPS. (Camera would be nice, but the GPS is my biggest wish.)
I knew if I read long enough, I would find one useful post on this thread. Thanks.
Were people really expecting desktop CPUs in an iMac? Or is it just that your wish, unfulfilled, is now a frustration?Realistically, Solipism is right, the iMac is a desktop with notebook parts (the core i7 is not in any version today, not sure why he wrote that bit).iMacs will have core i7 after it is available as a laptop part, and it won't get core i7 before the Macbook Pro. (I won't rule out "at the same time").
I hear you Jebediah.
You're right, iTunes plus with EMI was prior to Amazon MP3 store. Competition will make everyone better, but you need to chose a different example."A senior executive at another record company..."cheers
SlimDevices' squeezebox was introduced in late 2003.
New Posts  All Forums: