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The remote buddy for iPhone stuff looks pretty good.
Even if Apple's next iPod had a screen 2mm from each edge, just as you've wished, the screen would be 99.5mm x 57.8mm, short of 16:9. You'd still have black bars for any recent movie.
I tend to agree with Jeff's comments. ("Even a broken clock is right twice a day.")Having said that, 1. I fully expect an iPod revision by Oct 31 (figured this prior to Digitimes article)2. the quotes attributed to DigiTimes are not exactly detailed. How much leeway will be given these quotes after the next iPod is released?"Similar" and "the customer's own software" leave a lot of room for interpretation.
Unsurprisingly, today's figure is remarkably close to iSuppli's earlier estimate (when they didn't have an actual iPhone to take apart.)http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...hone_sale.html One of the iPhone chips must have gone up .98 since then.
If not, he's a dead ringer. Is he the "AppleInsider contirbutor?"
Screen sharing is the Leopard feature I've been looking forward to most, but interestingly, it's no longer touted on the Leopard iChat page. It was quite prominent before the web site redesign.Not saying it's been axed, just curious why Apple isn't even mentioning it today.(On other forums, posters are adamant that one of the buttons pictured on an iChat window is the "screen sharing" button, so of course the feature is still there. There's also a "screen sharing" button...
MacRumors has reset the "Days since last update" for minor things like adding the 17" edu iMac. If you're tracking this yourself but didn't consider this a real update, your average days since update obviously wouldn't match MR. If you're an analyst, are you going to track the averages yourself or just borrow someone else's work?
Agreed on all points. As far as MS goes, their motto might be summed up as "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Ignore their persistence and resources at your peril, they'll drop something only when the rewards are no longer significant.
Thanks Jeff, makes perfect sense.
According to the link quoted by Sport73, AppleTV does DTS, but not DD. jeffdm's point is, until you can rip a DVD to some format with 5.1 sound that the AppleTV will play back in 5.1, it's all academic. (If it is possible, without hacks, please correct me.)http://www.thismuchiknow.co.uk/?p=34
New Posts  All Forums: