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When I talk to potential switchers, the state of Quicken Mac is an embarrassment. After reading the 3 quotes from Intuit reps specifically about Quciken, I am not hopeful. Uh, ok. You mean just like you've always been? Is this quote from someone in Intuit PR or in Intuit marketing?Translation: "We're still trying to get Quicken stable on leopard. Once we get over that hurdle, we'll worry about features.""Our Quicken Mac group will soon consist of one QA guy, testing on...
Fair enough.
I started to include something about that, but deleted because I thought you were talking about shipping iPods only.Do you mean damage attributable to the battery connector, or simply a connector that's worked loose? It seems like I've heard of the second, but not the first.
Apple has soldered batteries on all of their flash iPods; while this decision might be based on research with some other product (possibly the mini), Apple didn't change course because of prior experience with flash iPods. The iPhone and iPod touch also have soldered battery leads, but I'd treat these products more gently than a regular iPod. I don't know if expected abuse is the reason here.I agree that Apple shouldn't sacrifice important qualities (reliability,...
Every full size iPod (Classic) has had a connector for the battery. The hard drive alone makes this unit more failure prone than the nanos, is Apple choosing to make them even more failure prone by not soldering the battery, or is it something else?
Would it be ok for Apple to make it easier for their own technicians to do battery replacements? What good is it doing to solder the battery to the main board?
My nephew has fixed a number of dropped iPods for friends. Most high schoolers can't afford to drop another $200 like that. Or throwing out an iPod when a $10 battery will make it new? Well, at Apple's battery repair prices, yeah... it would hardly be worth it.
Check iNukeIt for latest teardowns..
Already done. (Last pic on iFixit's page.)Apple seems to delight in making iPod repairs more painful each gen. The next ipod's outer case will be a blister pack.
Some people are fanatic about Fujitsu plasmas, some about Aquos LCD, others only want a Sony BDP. Like you, they don't consider other brands as "equivalent. (As for the Sony BDPs, didja notice the BDP300 premiered for 50% off the BDP-1000). And for the record, I'm happy that Jobs did the $100 gift.
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