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Users who've already installed say that this update does nothing for Time Machine over AEBS + attached drive. From what I've read, solipsism is right. Don't get your hopes up until you see an AEBS firmware update (and probably not even then).I'd settle for a resolution to AEBS disks disappearing on computer sleep + wake. (Not in this update either, according to a few reports.)
Just another point of reference, my library has two 7.6.1 rips, one was ok, the other was 3 seconds shorter than the CD. The missing time was originally silent anyway, maybe that's normal? (iMac Intel, Apple Lossless rip)
I should have specified, this will identify the rips that might have the 6 second problem, not the specific tracks.Not sure what rule would get you the last tracks from varying length albums, and I wanted to limit the results to 1 track / album so I could quickly scan the "Encoded with" info. (My assumption is that all tracks on an album would be ripped with the same software/version.)
The support forums probably have the following tip (but no link from AI). It's pretty simple to make a smart playlist that will identify potentially bad rips. 1. "Date Added" "is after" "2/20/2008" 2. "Track Number" "is" "1"Get info on the first track, see if 7.6.1 was used to encode it. Command + N through the playlist.This will identify each CD that might have the 6 second problem; then listen to the last track to verify good/bad rip.Sucks if you ripped a lot in those 3...
The best they can muster are more "current" - "currently" statements? If you haven't seen this picture of the HD DVD booth (snapped by engadget), that says more to me than the combined marketing and spokesperson quotes from the "current" HD DVD companies.
I wasn't going to comment -- anantksundaram and melgross have it right, I think -- but this may be of interest, a page 6 comment from the higdefdigest link "FT's article is backed up by Germany's biggest weekly magazine:Original articleGoogle translation"HD DVD threatened by death blow from Paramount"The fight of the titans seems over: ...On enquiry from SPIEGEL ONLINE, the agency that acts for Paramount Home Entertainment in Germany couldn't comment on this [FT's]...
Foolish mortals! (All in fun mel, )
I'll add my fix wishlist -- iChat screen sharing has worked exactly once out of about 100 tries. Something (Parental Controls?) is trashing my internet connection, after my iMac has been on for a while, I suddenly can't load pages. Requesting Apple.com loads the page footer only.
Spot on. Initially, his comments seem flattering, but then you ask yourself, "When a businessman praises another company like this, what's he really after?"
My take on this is simply that Bronfman realizes the cell phone music market is just beginning; he'll give a nod to Apple if he can persuade the cell industry to work extra hard at selling his content.
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