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Since CES 2007 in January, when HP really began showing their MediaSmart TVs (digital media adapters built in) and MediaSmart Servers, I have wondered when the other shoe would drop. This has very little to do with AppleTV: it's about HP's preference to sell high margin TVs over low margin boxes. (TVs that happen to provide a much better user experience than MCE)http://htguys.com/archive/2007/January12.html
AppleInsider todo list: 1. Install Digitimes content filter.
What!! Leopard dealyed???? From the day Steve said "Spring," I have been waiting to upgrade, now this????? Digitimes? Uh, nevermind.
The iMac Core Duo on my desk is Broadcom -- BCM43xx 1.0 (
If I were trying to classify people's preferences for music and movies, I'd put music firmly in the "people mostly buy" category, but movies would go in a "people mostly buy and rent" category. iTMS matches people's preference for music, I don't know if Apple will have their best success with video until it's buy or rent. (One vote for buy / rent )
Ok, just finished checking my shoes, any tips on how to open up my belt without ruining it?
Only confirmation of what everyone inferred Jan. 9. The chance Apple would ship THE video iPod before the iPhone is/was infinitesimal.
1st gen mini colors were silver, gold, pink, blue and green.http://www.apple-history.com/body.ph...date&order=ASC
"Orange is the new black," said Greg Joswiak, Apple's Vice President of iPod Product Marketing. "And also, green is the new black."
I just took out my iPod, and I think I actually have a prototype Beatles iPod! Exact color scheme as "white album" -- all white, with a gray scroll wheel. Plus, when you look at the chrome back, you can see a reflection that clearly says "The Beatles" (actually looks like "seltaeB ehT") whenever there's Beatles memoribilia behind you.
New Posts  All Forums: